Galerie Zuid Knokke - Zeedijk
Zeedijk 533
8300 Knokke

Halfway between Rubensplein and the casino.
Visit also Galerie Zuid Zwaluwenlaan,
in front of Galerie Zuid Zeedijk.

Opening hours Gallery Knokke:

Till the end of March: open by appointment
During the Easter Holiday Exhibition 2021 the gallery will be
open daily (7/7) from 11.00 till 18.00 h.

mobile+32-(0)474 645 650

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Galerie Zuid - Zeedijk

During the solo exhibition in Antwerp, the galleries in Knokke will be open by appointment only.

Goran Djurovic
Christoph Ghislain
Catherine Jansens
Koyuki Kazahaya
Laurent Lankmans
Manuel Velasco
Xavier Visa

Xavier Visa, oil on canvas, 97 x 162 cm, 2020